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Electron cyclotron resonance plasma (ECR plasma)

In this concept of plasma generation, microwaves with a frequency of 2.45 GHz are radiated via a transmission line and a horn antenna into a vacuum chamber. On the bottom of the recipient, three rows of cobalt samarium magnets are installed on a rectangular iron yoke in a closed race track configuration (magnetron device). At about 15 mm distance from each pole of the magnets, the magnetic field strength is 0.0875 T corresponding to an electron cyclotron resonance frequency of 2.45 GHz. In this region, the plasma is preferentially produced and heated. Homogeneous coatings on large areas can be achieved by either a horizontal movement of the magnet arrangement or by an array of parallel mounted magnet structures.

Furthermore, the ECR technology opens the possibility of generating a plasma directly in the inside of a hollow body, for example a bottle. In this case, a CoSm magnet is inserted parallel to a gas inlet into the bottle. The microwave is irradiated through the bottle wall into the inside. The plasma is then generated in the region of the magnetic field structure, i.e. only in the internal bottle area. The advantage is, that there is no pressure difference between the outside and the inner area of the hollow body. Such a device can be used to deposit thin plasma polymerized barrier layers at the inner surface of various arbitrarily formed hollow bodies.

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Name: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schulz