Fullwave simulation of millimeter wave plasma diagnostics

PhD Thesis

Millimeter wave diagostics are essentiell for fusion plasmas, since they work without plasma contact.

Both reflectometry and scattering diagnostics greatly benefit from fullwave simulation of the interaction between plasma and wave.

The fullwave code IPF-FD3D is a synthetic Doppler reflectometer on top of plasma turbulence simulations.
IPF-FD3D is a 2D or 3D finite difference time domain code for cold magnetised plasmas. It is written in C, with post-processing done in python.

Possible Topics

  • Improvement and extension of the existing code and application to new problems of Doppler reflectometry and other millimeter wave diagnostics.
  • Development of new solvers of higher order in time and space
  • Adaptation of kernels to vector computers or GPU accelerators
  • Explore stability issues with X mode and large density gradients
  • Scaling of scattering results with turbulence strength
  • Impact of higher order scattering
  • Poloidal correlation reflectometry



  • Physics Master
  • For code development, good programming skills in C
  • Knowledge of python, numpy, scipy
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Carsten Lechte

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader, Microwave Technology

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