Information for FUSION-EP Students Coming to Stuttgart

General information to help you get settled in Stuttgart

Welcome to Stuttgart

Dear ERASMUS MUNDUS students

This page contains some general information to help you get settled in Stuttgart. Jump to the applications section.

The date of your arrival is usually determined by the start of the German course, which starts on the first workday of September. You will stay until July or August, until you have completed your examinations.

Where to stay

Living expenses in Stuttgart are about 750 € per month. Student housing is available on the university campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen (S-Bahn/Metro station "Universität"), where all your courses are going to be. This is the easiest solution and it is also reasonably priced. It is therefore highly recommended that you apply for student housing (see below). More information about the dorms is at

Important notes regarding student dorms:

  • you are usually given preference over non-exchange students. You apply for housing when you register here. But you can still apply as early here (you do not need to be enrolled to apply)
  • only students are allowed to live in the dorms (no family)
  • student housing keys can only be received on weekdays (but you can try to arrange for someone else to pick them up via the welcoming service)
  • sometime in July/August, you must pay a security deposit and rent to secure your room. You must be reachable by email for this
  • you will have a standard room for one person on the Vaihingen campus. The stay will usually be from September 1st to August 31st in the following year, as you will have exams throughout August.

Finding a room on the free market can be very hard from outside! It may be more advisable to get short term accommodations in Stuttgart and then look for private accomodation. General information is available at

Short term housing (e.g. to bridge those few days between arrival and the start of your lease) is available at the student hotel or at the youth hostel:

Name Internationales Studentenhotel
Address Neckarstraße 172
70190 Stuttgart
Telephone 0049 711 414 300
Fax 0049 711 414 30299


Name ALEX 30 Hostel
Address Alexanderstrasse 30
70184 Stuttgart
Telephone 0049 711 83 88 95-0
Fax 0049 711 83 88 95-20

The IA also has list of short term housing options: Especially the option of sub-leasing a dorm room is useful for terms shorter than a semester.

If you are doing your thesis work at IPP in Garching/Greifswald or at KIT in Karlsruhe, please contact your advisor there for information on housing.

Semester Fees

You have to pay the semester fees personally by bank transfer before each semester. The fees are outlined here:

After you have paid, you will be reimbursed for the fees by the consortium, because all local fees are included in the fee you pay to the FUSION-EP program. The same procedure applies to the German course.

Non-EU students can apply for an exemption to the 1500€ fee. The deadline is August or February 15 for winter/summer semester. See the above link, section "Strong ties to Germany".

Application forms

You will be informed by email when the registration is open. This is expected to be at the beginning of May each year.


Your courses for the semester can include courses at KIT Karlsruhe. We will also have a kick-off meeting before lectures start, where we will go through your time table together.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Health Insurance

The consortium will provide minimal private health insurance. In Germany, students are usually expected to buy the standard public health insurance at one of the local "Krankenkassen". All private health insurers in Germany provide at least the same level of protection as the public insurance, usually at lower prices because students tend to be young and healthy.

If you have a non-standard health insurance (like the one from the consortium), you will need a waiver to present to the university enrollment office. You cannot be enrolled without either proof of German insurance or waiver.

German public health insurance is comprehensive, and they must take you, no matter how sick you already are. Our general advice is to take it, even though it is an extra monthly cost.

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