Determination of scattering parameters of transmission line components

PhD thesis

High power millimetre waves are often transmitted in oversized waveguide, in which 1000s of modes can propagate. The mode conversion due to geometry perturbations is therefore a important phenomenon, which needs careful investigation.

For the calculation of such multi mode systems, the scattering matrix formalisn can be used. Essential are therefore the scattering parameters (transmission and reflection) of components such as:

  • Curved waveguides
  • Mitre bends
  • Vacuum windows
  • Mode filters

Manufacturing- and assembly tolerances should be considered as well. As tools the IGVP codes (PROFUSION, IPF-FD3D) or commercial software packages can be used. Furthermore the development of new methods is possible.


  • Master in Physics, Electrical engineering or another engineering science
  • Comprehensive understanding of electromagnetic field and waves
  • For code development: Knowledge in C
This image shows Burkhard Plaum

Burkhard Plaum


IT and Research associate, Microwave Technology

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Carsten Lechte

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader, Microwave Technology

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