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Microwave Technology

In present-day fusion experiments, Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ECRH) with microwaves in the range of 28 - 170 GHz at megawatt power levels are routinely used to heat plasma, to drive plasma currents and to control magnetohydrodynamic instabilities. IGVP contributes to the development of microwave heating and diagnostic components, the experimental application of the devices and the interpretation of experimental results.

For the transmission of high-power millimetre waves, oversized waveguides as well as quasi-optical transmission lines are used. IGVP designs, simulates and tests novel microwave components as well as complete transmission systems for various fusion experiments as e.g. Wendelstein 7-X, ASDEX Upgrade or ITER. IGVP develops power combiners and switches which will allow to enhance the performance of the fusion test reactor ITER. The high-power microwaves are generated by gyrotrons. At IGVP, high-voltage power supplies are designed and built, which fulfill the strict requirements of gyrotrons.

IGVP is also involved in the experiments relying on the microwave devices. On ASDEX Upgrade, the ECR heating process and the influence of ECR current drive on neoclassical tearing modes are investigated. In support of various fusion experiments, IGVP carries out full-wave simulations to study wave propagation and mode conversion in plasmas. Microwaves are also widely used for diagnosing high-temperature fusion plasmas and IGVP contributes to the Doppler reflectometry diagnostics for turbulence and flow investigations through the design of components and simulations of experimental data.


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