Annual Summer Meeting of FUSION-EP (European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics)

June 29, 2023 /

Students and coordinators of FUSION-EP meet from July 10 to July 13 for thesis defenses and graduation.
[Picture: FUSION-EP Consortium]

FUSION-EP is an English language two-year joint European ERASMUS MUNDUS Master program in plasma physics and fusion research, founded in 2006. Member universities are in Stuttgart, Gent, Madrid, Aix-Marseille, Prague, and Nancy.

Each summer, all 40 students and 10 local coordinators meet in one of the cities for thesis defenses and the graduation ceremony. This year, the University of Stuttgart will host the event at the International Meeting Center at Eulenhof from July 10 to 13. In addition to the students' final presentations, world-renowned experts in fusion research will gives lectures providing insight into their research area.

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