This image shows Benjamin Riegger M.Sc.

Benjamin Riegger M.Sc.

Alumni, Research associate, Chemical-Physical Interfaces
Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology




Research focus

  • Production of nanoparticles from biopolymers (chitosan)
  • Miniemulsion techniques
  • Investigation of adsorption behavior


  • BioMip

Academic career

since 1/2014 Dissertation at IGVP / University of Stuttgart
10/2010–04/2013 Master of Science Chemistry (M.Sc.) / University of Ulm
09/2006–02/2010 Study of the engineer for general chemistry with degree diploma / Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Akademie, Fachhochschule Isny

Professional career

09/2013–12/2013 Certified research assistant at Fraunhofer IGB
04/2010–06/2010 Certified research assistant at Fraunhofer IGB
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