Outstanding research in the Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics group

March 19, 2024

Early career researcher in the Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics group honored

At the beginning of every year, the editors of the respected international journal Physics of Plasmas, highlight outstanding papers from the past year authored by early career researchers. We are happy to announce that a paper from the Plasma Diagnostics and Dynamics group of the IGVP is among the highlighted papers from 2023: in the paper Nondiffusive particle transport in the stellarator experiment TJ-K, Nils Müller investigate the characteristics of transport processes in low-temperatures plasmas in the stellarator TJ-K. In the course of his bachelor thesis, performed in collaboration with the University of Hamburg and the University of Greifswald, he shows that the turbulent particle flux in TJ-K can be separated into three regimes, describing large, intermediate, and small scales being in line with conventional, superdiffusive and/or subdiffusive contributions.

Stellarator TJ-K with an argon plasma
Stellarator TJ-K in the laboratory of the Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics Group at the IGVP

Announcement: Physics of Plasmas Early Career Collection 2023

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Mirko Ramisch

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