Dr. Köhn as lecturers at fusion workshop in Costa Rica

December 6, 2019

About 70 students and 10 lecturers met at the 1st Costa Rica Training Workshop in Fusion for Latin-American Region in the last week of November. The IGVP is a long-term collaborator with the plasma physics group from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), where the workshop took place.

Dr. Alf Köhn-Seemann from the IGVP was invited to give three lectures about plasma physics and nuclear fusion. The goal of the workshop was not only to provide a series of lectures from experts in their fields to students who otherwise might have no possibility to attend such specialized sessions, but also to provide the opportunity for face-to-face discussions. The workshop was a great success as there were not only numerous questions after each lecture but the discussions continued in the breaks in between the lectures.

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