This image shows Georg Umlauf

Georg Umlauf


Alumni, Ph. D. Student, Chemical-Physical Interfaces
Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology






Research focus

  • Plasma technology for surface functionalization and coating
  • Interfacial phenomena during the phase transition of nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Academic career

since 03/2014 Dissertation at IGVP / University of Stuttgart
11/2013 Diploma / TU Dresden
2006–2013 Study of mechatronics, Major fields of study: Special production methods (laser technology, nanotechnologies, plasma technology, Rapid Prototyping) / TU Dresden

Stay abroad

09/2012–04/2013 Internship at Fraunhofer Institute for Coatings and Laser Applications CCL, Detroit, USA

Professional career

since 2014 Scientific employee at IGVP, University of Stuttgart


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