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Staff of IGVP

Head of institute and administration

Head of Institute (acting)
apl. Prof. Dr. Günter Tovar Contact
Administration Dr.-Ing. Matthias Walker, Akad. Oberrat Contact
Assistant Ingeborg Wagner Contact
Personnel administration Eva Mühlbauer M. A. Contact
Bianca Zeindlmeier  
Finances and
project administration
Anja Bluhm Contact
Ruth Edelmann-Amrhein Contact
  Sibel Sevik  
IT Dr. Achim Weber Contact
  Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Plaum Contact
Library officer Dr. Mirko Ramisch Contact


Associate lecturers

  Dr. Kirsten Borchers Contact
  PD Dr. Susanne Bailer Contact
  Hon.-Prof. Dr. Christian Oehr Contact
  apl. Prof. Dr. Steffen Rupp Contact
  Dr.-Ing. Ursula Schließmann Contact


Retired professors

  Prof. Dr. habil. Achim Lunk Contact
  Prof. Dr. habil. Uwe Schumacher Contact


Further lecturers

  Dr.-Ing. Susanne Zibek Contact


Biological-Medical Interfaces

Coordination apl. Prof. Dr. Susanne M. Bailer Contact
Principal investigators Dr. Anke Burger-Kentischer  
  apl. Prof. Dr. Steffen Rupp Contact
Scientific staff Eileen Arnold M. Sc.* Contact
  Helena Merk M. Sc. Contact
  Débora Marques M. Sc.* Contact


Chemical-Physical Interfaces

Head Dr. Alexander Southan Contact
Principal investigators
Dr. Kirsten Borchers Contact
  Dr. Achim Weber Contact
Scientific staff Karishma Adatia M. Sc.* Contact
  Vanessa Albernaz M. Sc. Contact
  Tobias Götz M. Sc. Contact
  Oliver Gorke M. Sc. Contact
  Jana Grübel Contact
  Silke Keller M. Sc. Contact
  Andre Michele M. Sc. Contact
  Lisa Rebers M. Sc.* Contact
  Paul Reichle Contact
  Julia Rotenberger (Apprentice) Contact


Interfacial Processes

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Stier Contact
Principal investigators Dr.-Ing. Ursula Schließmann Contact
  Dr.-Ing. Susanne Zibek Contact
Scientific staff Amira Oraby M.Sc.  Contact
  Fredy-Wsbaldo Baron Nunez
M. Sc.
  Alexander Beck M. Sc. Contact
  Konstantin Frick M. Sc. Contact
  Ilka Mühlemeier M. Sc. Contact
  Alfonso Andres Vidal Quintana
M. Sc.*
  Dr. Nicole Werner Contact
  Yen-Cheng Yeh* Contact


Plasma Technology

Head Dr.-Ing. Matthias Walker, Akad. Oberrat Contact
Scientific staff Irina Kistner M. Sc. Contact
  Dipl.-Phys. Stefan Merli Contact
  Steffen Pauly M. Sc. Contact
  Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schulz Contact
  Mariagrazia Troia M. Sc. Contact
  Katharina Wiegers Contact
Technician Heinz Petto Contact


Microwave Technology

Head Dr. Carsten Lechte Contact 
Scientific staff Dr.-Ing. Walter Kasparek Contact
  Dr. Burkhard Plaum Contact
  Dipl.-Phys. Stefan Wolf Contact
  Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Alexander Zach Contact
 Technicians Achim Zeitler B. Eng. Contact


Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics

Head Dr. Mirko Ramisch Contact
Scientific staff Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Holzhauer Contact
  Dr. Alf Köhn Contact
  Dipl.-Phys. Bernhard Schmid Contact
  Gabriel Sichardt M. Sc. Contact
  Til Ullmann, StEx Contact
Technician Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Roth Contact


Mechanical Workshop and Engineering Design

Head Felix Remppel Contact
Staff members
Wolfgang Baur Contact
  Lea Franke (Apprentice) Contact
  Manfred Krämer Contact
  Dennis Mangold (Apprentice) Contact
  Sven Sorichta Contact


Electrical Workshop and Electronics

Head Holger Röhlinger Contact
Staff members  Tanju Haspel (Apprentice) Contact
  Jonas Klöpfer (Apprentice) Contact
  David Zander Contact

 * Scholarship holders