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FUSION-EP, The European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics

Applications are open for the next academic year!

FUSION-EP (European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics) is an English language two-year Master programme in plasma physics and fusion research. It is a joint European programme of universities in Stuttgart, Gent, Madrid, Nancy, Prague, and Aix-Marseille with associated partners in the USA, Russia, and China. Participants will study one year each in two different countries. Each year, a limited number of scholarships is available. 

Stuttgart University also participated in the European Doctoral School programme FUSION-DC.

Note: After acceptance into the program, the deadline for all local applications for enrolment, housing etc. is May 1st.

General Information

Go here to apply to the FUSION-EP programme. You can find information about the other partners, and see what our alumni have to say about their experiences. To find out what awaits you specifically at Stuttgart, look at the Information for incoming students.

Information on The Study Programme And Events


Programme Coordinator
Name: Dr. Carsten Lechte