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Chemical-Physical Interfaces

Interface-dominated processes and methods are used to prepare functional materials and characterize their structure-property relationships. Key aspects of the materials and their manufacturing and processing techniques are simulated in silico and established experimentally on a lab scale and a technical scale.


Our main fields of research are:

  • Composite materials, hybrid materials, also in ionic liquids
  • Biomaterials and nanobiomaterials and interaction with cells
  • Nano- and microstructured (bio-)functional surfaces
  • Biomimetic functional layers for medical and biotechnological applications
  • Core-shell nano- and microparticles, with a focus on biomimetic shells
  • Processes for the dispersion of nanomaterials
  • Bioprinting of artificial tissues
  • 3D tissue engineering
  • Establishing of vascularized tissue
  • Tissue-specific bioreactor development
  • Isothermal flow calorimetry


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Name: Dr. Alexander Southan