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Biological-Medical Interfaces

We use genome-wide methods to analyze cellular and microbial systems, in particular their interaction with the environment, e.g. in infection processes. For diagnostics we use microarrays with specially modified surfaces. The Institute is also involved in investigating the potential of microorganisms and enzymes for use in industrial biotechnology.


Our main fields of research are:

  • Identification of biomarkers
  • Screening for enzymes and microorganisms
  • Microarray technologies
  • Interactions between microorganisms and surfaces
  • Host-pathogen interactions (viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • Virus-based therapies
  • Synthetic biology
  • Development of cell-based assays and 3D tissue models

Cell-free protein synthesis


Unsere Forschungsprojekte:

Name: PD Dr. Susanne M. Bailer