Investigations of microwave material properties

Measurements on surface roughness and infrared reflection spectroscopy

The three-mirror resonator configuration is suitable for measurements of absorption properties of different material samples. The technique is based on the comparison of the quality factor of a 2-mirror reference resonator with the quality factor of a 3-mirror resonator, which has identical dimensions and includes the sample to be tested. Detailed investigations as:

  • The microwave-specific characterization of the in-vessel components for future fusion experiments (W7-X and ITER)
  • The characterization of plasma-exposed mirror samples to enlarge the data base on ohmic losses of launcher mirrors
  • The measurement of microwave absorption and reflection of parts used in transmission-line components like mitre-bend mirrors, corrugated waveguide walls

can be accompanied by measurements on surface roughness and infrared reflection spectroscopy. Based on results of these measurement a significant contribution to the evaluation of surface properties for fusion experiments can be obtained.


Walter Kasparek

Research associate, Microwave Technology

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