Artificial vascularised scaffolds for 3D tissue regeneration

October 28, 2011 / Dr. Monika Bach, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Günter Tovar and Dr. Kirsten Borchers, Dr. Petra Kluger (beide Fraunhofer IGB)

Synthetic tailor-made scaffolds – a key issue for tissue engineering
The use of artificial tissue in regenerative medicine bears a great therapeutic potential, but also has to meet high demands with respect to the generation of functional tissue in vitro and the interaction of bioartificial device and natural tissue. Key issues for the successful use of in vitro engineered tissues and implants as natural tissue and organ replacements are long term stability and integration in the human body. Up to now numerous approaches for generation of bioartificial tissues have not succeeded due to insufficient nutrition and oxygen supply. Therefore current tissue engineered products can only be found in non vascularised tissues such as cartilage and in vitro skin equivalents.
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